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Find the bedroom floor of your dreams

As the bedroom is a pretty intimate setting, comfort will play an extremely important role in the choice of your floor. Wake up to a beautiful bedroom with the luxurious floors from BerryAlloc®.


Warm & Soft

Warm & Soft

Wake up and touch down on a surface that reaches out to all your senses. Not only are the decors a delight to the eye, they also feel warm to the touch and cosy under the feet. Paired with the right underlay, you can easily combine them with underfloor heating for an even cosier effect.
Cho một đời

Cho một đời

BerryAlloc® offers laminate, hardwood and vinyl flooring that can withstand the test of time. To make sure you can sleep peacefully, BerryAlloc® offers a lifetime warranty* on all its living room flooring.
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